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100% Synthetic & Nondegradable Biomimetic Implants and Technology

New era of medical devices

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Biomimetics & Use Cases 

Biomimetics is the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.*

At CorNeat Vision we harness unique characteristics of microstructures of the human body to develop biomimetic implants which mend and replace damaged tissue, while mimicking its function.

Our core platform technology, which was already validated in-vivo, enables permanent implants to bio-mechanically integrate with live tissue without triggering an adverse immune system response.

Our platform is a 100% synthetic nondegradable porous material that mimics the micro-structure of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), the natural biological collagen mesh that provides structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells. When implanted, this material stimulates cellular proliferation leading to progressive tissue integration.

*Vincent, Julian F. V.; et al. (22 August 2006). "Biomimetics: its practice and theory". Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 3 (9): 471–482. doi:10.1098/rsif.2006.0127. PMC 1664643. PMID 16849244.

We use this unique technology to enable the following functions:


Physical attachment of implants to tissue

Concealment of implants & sensors

Fabrication of membranes and tissue barriers

Soft tissue repair and permanent reinforcment

permanently attach and integrate synthetic material with live human tissue without rejection

conceal implants and “hide” them from the immune system

acts as a barrier, displacing the use of biological materials for this purpose

permanently attach and integrate synthetic material with live human tissue without rejection

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Our Mission: Harness Biomimicry For Improving Health

Our mission is to promote health and equality worldwide through innovative biomimetic  medical solutions that are widely accessible.

Our goal at CorNeat Vision is to innovate, collaborate and grow in our efforts to introduce biomimetic implants with the aim of permanently resolving medical and surgical challenges in diversified therapeutic fields.

We promote permanent solutions to medical problems through an active learning process, placing the physician's ease-of-use as a top priority.

About CorNeat Vision

CorNeat Vision was established in December 2015 with the goal of developing, producing and introducing to global markets a scalable artificial solution for global corneal blindness, while eliminating the dependency on donor tissue.

Impressed with our pre-clinical trials, which demonstrated progressive and seamless tissue integration of our biomimetic material, the company's scientific advisory board suggested replacing the use  of tectonic tissue grafts with our material in other ophthalmic surgical procedures. Realizing the potential of our platform technology, we registered IP for additional devices in the ophthalmic space.

In order to fully exploit the business potential of our technology and to maximize its impact on human health, we have expanded our IP and product portfolio and introduced solutions in additional fields of medicine. Our first such product is aimed at permanently resolving gingival recession and replacing the current use of degradable tissue grafts.  

Our first two products, the CorNeat EverPatch (synthetic tissue substitute) and the CorNeat KPro (synthetic cornea), are in clinical trials and expected to receive initial marketing approval in 2022 and 2023, respectively.  

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