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Our Mission: Restoring Sight, Preventing Blindness

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Our permanent ophthalmic implants utilize advanced cell technology and nanoscale chemical engineering to mimic the structure and function of cellular and subcellular structures. This approach, by stimulating cellular growth, facilitates complete integration with surrounding tissue. Combining innovative ideas with our tissue integration capability assists us in fabricating solutions that replace damaged biological organs and tissue and repair their function.

About CorNeat Vision

CorNeat Vision is an innovative ophthalmic medical device company with an overarching mission of promoting human health, sustainability and equality worldwide.

CorNeat Vision’s patented implants and corresponding procedures prevent and reverse blinding disease processes by mending and replacing damaged tissue, while mimicking its function.

The CorNeat Vision lineup of biomimetic ophthalmic implants blend novel bio-integration technology with innovative ideas to create groundbreaking solutions that address unmet ophthalmic needs. 

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