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FDA Clears CorNeat EverPatch, World's First Non-Degradable Synthetic Tissue Substitute for Ophthalmic Surgery

June 2023

CorNeat Vision's EverPatch utilizes EverMatrix™, a novel material technology able to integrate with surrounding tissue

CorNeat Vision's EverPatch, a synthetic tissue substitute, has been granted 510(k) clearance by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The CorNeat EverPatch is the first synthetic, non-degradable tissue-integrating matrix for use in ophthalmic surgeries. It is composed of a non-woven, polymer matrix which integrates with surrounding tissue and is intended to reinforce the sclera and aid the physical reconstruction of the ocular surface. This groundbreaking synthetic tissue substitute is designed to address the critical needs of ocular surgeons, providing a sterile and non-degradable solution for patients worldwide.

Click here for the press release, with more information about the FDA clearance. 

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