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How This Startup is Giving Sight to the Blind

October 2020

Tune in to this episode of The Joel Show and listen to an interview with Dr. Gilad Litvin and Almog Aley-Raz, speaking in greater detail about CorNeat Vision’s journey and where the company is at today

“If you look globally there are approximately two million new cases of corneal blindness each year around the world. Only about 150,00-200,000 are treated with donor tissue, primarily in the western hemisphere. The transplantation procedure is basically done by suturing donor cornea tissue to the recipient eye. That is something that physicians can do to approximately 80% of the blind population, due to medical reasons…and approximately 50% of the world’s population does not have access at all. So we are looking at a very significant impact that this type of solution can bring to people both in developing countries and developed countries.”

Copy + Paste the link below to hear more:

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