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The CorNeat EverPatch: Superior Alternative to Tissue Grafts

May 2024

The CorNeat EverPatch, our synthetic tissue patch, hits the newsstands!

The May issue of "The Ophthalmologist" features an article about the CorNeat EverPatch, the first alternative to tissue that is synthetic, non-degradable, and sterile, discussing the FDA-cleared device and its advantages over tissue grafts.

“The design and the features of the CorNeat EverPatch were optimized to address the surgeon’s needs, simplifying the procedure. Where current tissue patches have a thickness of 400-500 μm to allow for protection until native scar tissue forms to conceal the tube, the nondegradable EverPatch is much thinner – just 100 μm – which reduces tension on the surgical wound and makes closing it easier for the surgeon.”

Click here to read the article (only available in North America)

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