CorNeat in the News

Published Article in Cornea Journal

CorNeat KPro: Ocular Implantation Study in Rabbits


June 2021

Global Impact of the CorNeat KPro First-in-Human Implantation

The first-in-human (FIH) implantation of the CorNeat KPro is receiving a plethora of media traction


May 2021

CorNeat Vision Partners with LiveU and Alcon for Remote Surgeon Virtual Presence

Canadian artificial cornea clinical trial enabled by a novel, remote, real-time 3D HD video training solution


March 2021

CorNeat Vision in the Arab World

CorNeat Vision is generating a lot of interest in the Arab world


February 2021

CorNeat Vision's First Patient Regains Sight

Biomimetic Implant Provides Hope for Millions of Corneally Blind People with no Reliance on Donor Tissue


January 2021

New Solutions for the Window of the Eye

​Researchers at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute are on the leading edge of corneal transplant technology


December 2020

How This Startup is Giving Sight to the Blind

Tune in to this episode of The Joel Show and listen to an interview with Dr. Gilad Litvin and Almog Aley-Raz, speaking in greater detail about CorNeat Vision’s journey and where the company is at today


October 2020

Spotlight on Israeli Startups - Corneat Vision - Artificial Cornea

Corneat Vision can help over 60 million blind eyes around the world


May 2019

CorNeat Vision Completes Pre-clinical Phase For Synthetic Cornea and Scleral Patch

Innovative synthetic biology implants to be showcased at the 37th Congress of the ESCRS 2019 Paris


September 2019

CorNeat Vision Unveils a Revolutionary Artificial Cornea

A nanotechnology-based solution to bring new hope to millions of blind and visually impaired


October 2017

CorNeat Vision's Synthetic Cornea Approved for First-in-Human Implantation

New Hope for the Corneally Blind Provides Definitive Protection from COVID-19 Transmission


July 2020