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CorNeat Vision's Core Technology is Rebranded as the CorNeat EverMatrix™

October 2022

“Until now, no one has found a way to seamlessly and permanently integrate synthetic material and literally embed it with surrounding tissue. I can’t emphasize enough the potential impact of this discovery on human health,” Dr. Gilad Litvin, Co-Founder & CMO at CorNeat Vision.

CorNeat Vision's core technology was recently rebranded as the CorNeat EverMatrix™.

The CorNeat EverMatrix™ can be viewed as a natural habitat for human fibroblasts, which are the cells that synthesize the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). Fibroblasts play a critical role in wound healing and constitute the most common connective tissue cells. The mechanical properties of the CorNeat EverMatrix™ are optimized to stimulate fibroblast migration and colonization.

To read more about the CorNeat EverMatrix™ click here.

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